This series explores my identity and heritage through geographical and road maps found in my childhood home after my father’s death. Coming from a migrant family, he had to define himself in a place with a different cultural background. I feel that I have inherited this search to find oneself within one’s local surroundings.

To define this heritage and explore my identity, I use maps as well as imagery of the body, specifically of blood circulation. The word circulation holds a meaning related to physical displacement; in this way, it is linked to my history. Juxtaposing maps with images of blood circulation accentuates the interaction between individual experience and collective knowledge. I consider the relationship that exists between one’s history, anchored in the body, and the surrounding world.

Title: Earth Beat

Medium: hand cut European topographic and road maps 

Size: 65 x 51inches, 165x130 cm

Year: 2010

Detail "Earth Beat"

Title: Entre Ciel et Terre

Medium: ink, pencil, hand cut maps on paper

Size: 70½x51 inches, 180x130 cm

Year: 2010

Title: In My Blood

Medium: ink, hand cut maps on paper

Size: 72x51 inches

Year: 2010

Title: I Love NY

Medium: gouache, acrylic, ink and map

Size: 20x15½ inches, 50x40 cm

Year: 2010