The installation "Forstic" takes the form of a futuristic forest whose trees are made from transparent plastic bags. Collected over several years, they are the detritus of daily consumption, from shopping bags to protective bags for food, objects, and clothes. I cut the bags into long, thin strips that I crocheted into a tubular structure. I added metal rings to define the outline and give shape to the piece. The sculpture takes life while hanging from the ceiling. The abstract, organic elements become a forest through which people are invited to wander. Light passes through the transparent material, endowing it with a crystalline and sparkling beauty that contributes to its seductive appearance.

This immersive installation asks the viewer to connect with the familiarity of the material and relates to our daily consumption that invades our lives. It suggests that we reconsider the value of these objects, which we discard even as microplastics infiltrate organic life and our water, air, and soil. In transforming these plastic bags into an installation, I aim to reconsider our patterns of consumption. I question our relationship to the world and our impact on living things.

This installation was exhibited in the 6th edition of Textile Art Of Today at

the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava-Čunovo, Slovakia, and in galleries and museums in Budapest, Hungary; Poprad, Slovakia; Bielsko-Biala, Poland; and Uherské Hradište, Czech Republic.


Installation view - 2021

Credit images: Etienne Frossard