Everyday plastic bags, bottles, and plastic residue are the base material I used to construct the installation “Plasticon” at Sculpture by the Sea. The imagery in this work is inspired by sea organisms and organized in an abstract composition. Several sculptural pieces cover large rocks set on the coastal bay. Each piece is different in size and appearance. Some are assemblages of dozens of transparent, colored, or translucent plastic bags, woven into nets that covers the stone surface. The use of recycled plastic bags for the installation gives the viewer a measure of intimacy with the work through the familiarity of the material. In transforming these everyday plastic bags into an accessible installation, I aim to reconsider the value of these discarded objects. I also aim to question our relationship to the environment and what it means to live at this moment, when so much is freely thrown away.

Site-specific installation in Bondi, Sydney, Australia.

Medium: plastic bags and fishing nets

Year: 2017

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Image credit: Jessica Wyld