This artist’s book and installation uses the concept of home to investigate the challenges faced by migrants settling in a new land. Each box has a word referring to the concept of construction as of migration: uproot - space - inside - place - soil - area - plan - shape - land - earth - outside - ground - build - gap - floor. The shape of the box is reminiscent of bricks used in construction. The box holds the idea of home as a place of safety and protection, a place that everyone is looking for, a safe place to build one’s life. Inside the box is a plumb line made with a map. This relates to the necessity of the construction of a straight wall in order to build a standing house, just as the immigrant has to embrace his or her new place in order to survive.

This work was made possible thanks to Banff Center for Arts and Creativity in Canada, where I was awarded a residency in 2018.

Installation "Way Home" was exhibited in New York at the Center for Books Art, 2020

Title: “Way Home”- artist’s book and installation piece

Medium: cardboard, maps, thread, metallic needle

Size: Installation size variable – composed by 15 boxes, each box: 4 x 6 x 2 inches, maps element: 5 inches and 1,7 inch diameter and thread 52 inches long

Year: 2018