“Homes” is a direct reference to the artwork “Way Home.” The leftover material resulting from the making of “Way Home” provided the base material for the making of “Homes.” This appropriation elaborates upon the idea of building experiences in order to best survive in a new environment. The cut cardboard elements refer to architectural plans or building sites. The paper holds embossed words that refer to the concept of construction as of migration.

This work was made possible thanks to Banff Center for Arts and Creativity in Canada, where I was awarded a residency in 2018.

Installation exhibited in NY at the Center for Books Art, 2018

Title: “Homes” – artist’s book and installation piece

Medium: cardboard, mulberry paper

Size: Installation size variable, as seen 5,25 x 9 feet ( cardboard piece: 21x15 inches, mulberry paper: 12 x 9 inches)

Year: 2018

Images credit: Johnna Arnold