In the drawing series "What is left,” I explore the possibility of having only a trace of a drawing. I call this a drawing’s DNA. I make a drawing from collected organic and decaying material found in nature. I then cut the paper in disc shapes, arrange them in a line, and join the pieces with a thread. The transformed tridimensional drawing holds the remains of what it once was. 

Title: Memory (3 drawings)

Year: 2008

Medium: charcoal, graphite, graphite, crayon and thread

Size: ∅ l,58” x 12” long (variable installation)

Detail Memory (3)

Title: “spread” (2 drawings)

Year: 2007

Medium: ink, graphite and thread

Size: ∅ 3/4 “ x 46” long

Title “stain” (2 drawings)

Medium: ink, pencil and thread

Size: ∅ ½” x 46” long each

Year: 2007

Title: Embrace (2 drawings)

Medium: charcoal, pencil and thread

Size: ∅ 3.4 x 10 inches long each

Year: 2007

Title: “nine days” (9 drawings)

Year: 2005-2006

Medium: charcoal and thread

Size: ∅ ½” x 72” long

Title: Barolin (11 drawings)

Medium: ink, graphite, charcoal and thread

Year: 2009

Size each ½” x 6” long each 

Title: Second

Year: 2007

Medium: ink, thread

Size: ∅ 1.5 x 12 inches