“In Expectation” is a site-specific installation on the coast of Australia in Sydney. The Bondi coastline has always reminded me of sailors wandering off to the sea in order to feed their families. Looking at the sea, I felt for the fishermen’s wives, waiting for their men. “In Expectation” is a sculpture piece that relates to these women as they were knitting and sewing during the long wait for their husbands to return.

A rusted pipe corroded by the salty wind is the backbone of my sculpture, whose color refers to the sparkling red coral of the marine reef. The seductive quality of the piece works as a metaphor for women and their expectation of physical encounter after a long separation.

Site specific installation at "Sculpture by the Sea" in Sydney, Australia - 2007

Title: In Expectation

Medium: fabric, rubber tubes, knitting thread, beads

Size: 102 inches, 12 inches diameter (260 cm hauteur pour 30 cm de diamètre)

Year: 2007