“Here” is an artist’s book and installation that invites the curator to decide how to install the diverse elements of the artwork. These elements are cut pieces of maps; in particular, borders. Typically, borders determine the limits of a place and frame a certain piece of land. As a result, borders also define the distances between places. The freedom to install the work as the curator pleases mirrors the unique way each individual appropriates and experiences his or her surroundings.

This work was made possible thanks to Banff Center for Arts and Creativity in Canada, where I was awarded a residency.

Installation (image) - Artist's book (unique piece)

Title: Here

Material: thread, paper, maps, matte translucent film

Year: 2018 (made at Banff Center for the arts and Creativity)

Size: 14 inches x 11 inches

Image Credit: Johnna Arnold

Artist's book, close, front

Artist's book, close, back