“Voice” aims to produce visual and sound art pieces to reflect the complexity of our use of language in human exchanges and communication. Six pieces are part of this series and are in chronological order.

"Voice" was exhibited as a solo show in 2019 at Smack Mellon Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Title artworks (left to right): Pulsating, Singing Letters, Along the Lines

Where: Smack Mellon Gallery

Year: 2019


Each page of the “Along the Lines” concertina book displays a page of the phone book that is dedicated to one letter of the alphabet. A drawn line connects all occurrences of the designated letter.

Title: “Along the Lines” 

Medium: phonebook pages, ink, paper

Size: open: variable, close concertina book: 12 x 7 x 2 inches

Year: 2016

Detail "Along the Lines"


“Pulsating” replicates each of the 26 lines from “Along the Lines” and orders them from A to Z on a paper scroll. While they resemble text, these drawn patterns of lines and dots render the original text unreadable, regardless of the viewer’s native language. 

Title: “Pulsating” 1 and 2

Medium: ink on Wenzhou paper, wooden sticks

Dimensions: 60 x 34 inches

Year: 2016

Detail "Pulsating"


“Singing Letters” is a collaborative work with musician Benjamin Velez that translates the 26 lines of the alphabet created in “Pulsating” into 26 paper scores. These “singing” letters establish a nonverbal language of their own. Participants are invited to choose a letter and play it and are prompted to consider the limits of language and expand their ideas of communication.

Title: “Singing Letters” (10 music boxes, and edition of 5x 26 paper stripes)

Medium: crank music boxes, music paper stipes

Dimensions: music box 3 x 4 1/2 inches , paper stripes 2 3/4 x 14 inches

Date: 2019


In “Cacophony,” each score from “Singing Letters” is applied one at the time on the page. The empty holes are filled with the reference letter. The final piece shows the complete alphabet overlapping. 

Title: “Cacophony”

Date: 2019

Medium: ink on paper

Dimensions: 30 x 23 inches each pieces

Detail "Cacophony"


In “I Felt a Knot in My Throat,” 26 strings represent the alphabet. Each string is made of the left-over pieces of paper cut from one single score from “Singing Letters.” 

Title: “I Felt a Knot in my Throat” (drawing - installation piece)

Date: 2019

Medium: paper, thread, wooden stick

Dimensions:7 x 2 x 2 inches

Detail "I Felt a Knot in my Throat"

CONVERSATION (artist's book, installation)

The musical scores of the complete alphabet from “Singing Letters” are joined together by a thread to form a free organic shape that references the spoken language.


Title: “Conversation” 

Date: 2019

Medium: paper, thread, wooden stick

Dimensions: installation piece, size variable

Detail "Conversation"

Images credit Etienne Frossard